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Every couple has a story and every wedding is unique in their own ways. Our approach at Premier Love is to help our couples capture the best images throughout your wedding day with confidence and ease. Some of you may already have a wedding vision while some of you may need some inspiration. Our team will guide you through the entire process, from discovering and planning to creating the images of your destined love affair.

Our Process

Beyond great stories and quality images, we believe that our success is measured in how the couple feels throughout the whole project. We want each couple to understand the step by step process to creating a visual story unique to their wedding because it is important to have a plan to bring your visions to life.

01 Sharing your vision

In this evolutionary process we gain valuable understanding of your vision, ideas, initial requirements and your budget. Our team works closely with you to accurately sketch your perspective. A preliminary scope of work and cost estimate is developed.

02 Exploring options

During this stage, our team connects your vision to a visual level. Visual samples and ideas are studied to reflect key elements of your vision. Series of options and proposals are explored to determine a perfect package. A service agreement is developed to confirm price, schedule, services, finished product, and any additional details.

03 Detailing style/parameters

With concepts and a service agreement in place, our team will focus on discovering specific photography and videography style that captivates you the most. We will also begin documenting any specific requests, important notes, and priorities related to the shoot.

04 Confirm wedding plans

The final step of the pre-production phase is a review of your wedding plans. This means gaining insightful knowledge of your rundowns, vendor contacts and special plans. We will then follow up and confirm again at least once 3-4 months before the shoot day; and once again 1-2 weeks prior for any last minute details, changes and requests.

05 Capture/film

Equipment, tools, and our artists arrive early at the location to setup, prepare, and begin shooting. Detailed planning and rundowns are closely followed and referenced to ensure quality photos/films and that no moments are missed. There will be continual monitoring and communications with you throughout the day to keep you fully informed of status and progress.

06 Post-production workflow

Your wedding is complete and beautiful footages of you and your closed ones are ready for processing. We follow a step-by-step post-production checklist to make sure we produce a final product that you’ll be happy with. Throughout this stage, you’ll be actively involved through private online portals and face-to-face meetings for reviews, inputs and feedbacks.

*If applicable, printed product designs will be presented and reviewed at this stage.

07 Final product delivery

All your photos and videos are complete and ready for signoffs. Upon final approval, we’ll deliver the complete digital packages that are prepared and organized for easy access and sharing. Furthermore, we’ll follow up again in 45-60 days to ensure if you are completely satisfied


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Create your own visual style … let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for other

— -- Orson Welles -- —




There is so much to be excited about for your wedding. Cake tasting, dress shopping, stag and staggette parties and the list goes on. Engagement photo shooting is definitely one of the most memorable and intimate experience of them all. It’s a time in the busy pace of wedding planning where the couple can slow down for a minute and just be them.

Wedding Day

The key is to have fun and cherish your wedding day.Let all planning you’ve made naturally fall into place and bring your wedding dream to life. It is just about trusting the people you have chosen to help you on this special project and let them to capture those moments and tell the story for you.


Save the Date

Think movie trailer. Get your guests excited! Let the anticipation build up for your big day. It’s going to be the biggest blockbuster of the year. A save the date teaser can get the hype going and create an emotional expectation for your wedding day.

Same Day Edit

There’s a particular sparkle in the guests’ eyes as they watch what has happened only hours ago. The same day edit video is a preview video that we put together during your wedding day as the events unfold. What better way to leave your guests in awe! It can also let you take a breath and get a sense of how everything came together perfectly on your special day.

Wedding Day

The lights have cooled down and the cast and crew has wrapped. The moment that everyone awaits to revisit those emotional feelings that filled the air that day. The wedding film brings the vision you had and planned for to life. It lets us bring our close ones together once again to re-experience those special hours.

Our Pricing

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We take pride in our work and to create the best experience for everyone we collaborate with. Joining forces with other great minds to enrich our craft is one of the many reasons we love what we do. It is a great honour to have those who acknowledge our passion.


How far in advance should I book a wedding photographer/videographer?

As it gets closer to your wedding date, it will be harder to book your first-choice photographer/videographers. We suggest that you book at least 6-9 months before to secure your wedding date.

Do you offer prints for our photos?

All our photography packages include at least one print product. You have the options to select between the following

Personalized Photo Book

2 Parent photo booklets

5 Bridal party small photo booklets

20” x 28” Wall Canvas

Thank you cards

Contact us for more information about our selection of print products.

How many photos do we get?

Every package comes with a set number of photographs. We carefully designed each package so that the number of photos that you get will be ample to beautifully tell the story of your wedding day. We do have options to add more photographs if you really love our work and would like to see more!

Do I really need a second photographer/videographer?

No one needs a second photographer/videographer, but they provide you with images in different perspectives. There is so much happening during a wedding day and big moments happening simultaneously. You do want to see the reaction of your future wife/husband as you say your vows and when he sees you the first time down the aisle so that’s why more than one camera is needed at most times.

How can I make sure I look good in my photos/videos?

Relax. Trust your wedding photographers/videographers. If you’re relaxed, it’ll come through in your photos. Also, it is a great idea to inform your family and friends that there will be photographers and videographers on the day so they are not alarmed by our crew so they can relax and have fun! For photo sessions, leave some breathing room in your schedule so you don’t feel rushed. Get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water the night before.

Do we shoot destination weddings?

Absolutely. We would love to shoot your destination wedding! There are additional costs associated with weddings outside the Vancouver area. Contact us for more information.

What makes you different than other photographers/videographers

We take our philosophy in wedding story telling very seriously. We take great length to create beautiful images as much as taking you through a great experience. We truly believe that great storytelling requires planning. Our approach is to help our couples create memorable photos and videos while enjoying their wedding day. We take you through a process of extensive planning so we can share your wedding vision and you have a clear understanding of how we can get there.

Do I have to feed your team?

Not really, But we would definitely appreciate it if you did! Also, hungry photographers/videographers don’t make good photographers/videographers. But we should be the last thing on your mind. So don’t worry, we always carry snacks to keep our team going.

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